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asim GmbH Silberburgstr. 126 70176 Stuttgart Deutschland T +49 (0)711 66978-30 F +49 (0)711 9334252-33 info@asim.de

Company: Management


our promises

asim is a partner with a strong sense of integrity, taking joy in maintaining personal customer relationships. Cooperation
within the company and with customers is characterised by a culture of open discussion. asim staff are loyal, committed
and work on a highly customer-oriented basis. We see problems as challenges that must be solved. The goal of our
employees every day is to find the best solution for each individual customer.

These corporate principles permit our vision to be realised: to meet the ever-greater demands of the entire PIM industry
and thus those of each of your customers. At asim, all competences needed for the development, implementation and
servicing of a successful PIM system are actually available on-site.

Thomas Hörl and Jens Finkbeiner
(Managin Directors asim GmbH)