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Solutions: Multi-Channel Commerce



Provide greater efficiency in the management and publishing of your product data.

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Learn about the benefits of asimSuite. With our live online-presentation, you can comfortably explore the world of PIM asim from your desktop via the web or mobile phone.

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Multi-Channel Commerce

Easily take advantage of all opportunities

Offer your products where your customers are searching for them. With asimSuite, your electronic media are always up to date and time-to-market for your customers. And you're perfectly prepared for any challenge.

Take advantages of effective marketing in all digital online and offline channels, increasing your sales.

The asimSuite offers you the opportunity to deliver portals, electronic shopping markets and wholesale platforms quickly and flexibly with your product data.

Online catalogues are just as easy to prepare as complete online shops, including shopping cart, order function, product finders and configurators, even a direct interface to ERP systems.

You provide your print media to your customers in the form of PDF data sheets and catalogues. These different product presentations are of course also available as offline variants on CD-ROM.

A wide variety of product classification models are supported, from eCl@ss to ETIM and even proficl@ss. The exchange of product data in formats like BMEcat, CSV or XML is also possible, and it can easily be automated. Arbitrary export profiles can also be created.

When importing standardised classification models, the assignment of technical features and catalogue structures is also done at the same time.