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Solutions: Multi-Channel Marketing



Provide greater efficiency in the management and publishing of your product data.

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Learn about the benefits of asimSuite. With our live online-presentation, you can comfortably explore the world of PIM asim from your desktop via the web or mobile phone.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Concentrate on the important things

The better your product data is organised, the more successful your multichannel marketing can be. With asimSuite, you are left with more time for the really important decisions.

The asimSuite simplifies and accelerates the entire process chain of product communication using automation.

All data is uniformly collected from existing ERP, PDM and CAD systems, and made available as media-neutral product data for print publications, e-commerce or e-procurement.


The integrated Media Asset Management (MAM) system rounds out the perfect management of product information, permitting a customer-specific, language-specific and market-specific dissemination of information in all media channels.