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Solutions: Product information management



Provide greater efficiency in the management and publishing of your product data.

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Learn about the benefits of asimSuite. With our live online-presentation, you can comfortably explore the world of PIM asim from your desktop via the web or mobile phone.

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Product information management

PIM ensures your advantage

In these times of global markets and digital media, sales opportunities are multiplying and communications processes are networking more and more.

Different countries, languages, target groups and media – preparing every piece of information quickly, correctly and individually requires significant effort.

PIM solutions are essential for corporate success.

Use a PIM system to create advantages for your entire company!

  • Optimise your processes.
  • Reduce your costs.
  • Shorten your production times.
  • Increase your responsiveness.
  • Ensure uniform communication.
  • Improve your customer service.

With asim enterprise software:

  • You always act quickly and efficiently.
  • You rely on the outstanding quality of your product data.
  • You benefit from new sales opportunities.
  • You reach your target groups directly and increase customer satisfaction.
  • You set a course for growth and secure your competitive advantage.

Product data are managed centrally from a single point, and saved in a media-neu-
tral manner. This allows the data to be clearly separated from formatting and layout.

The handling and management of even complex data structures is enormously simplified. A perfect basis.

Processes like data import and export, translations and the preparation of publi-
cations are all automated. The right information gets to the right employees, in a resource-saving and quick manner.



Without any additional effort, the media-neutral data can be used for a wide variety of publication types. It doesn't matter whether it's print or online, for any market, any customer and the target groups you want. Right to the point.

With PIM, you simplify the entire process chain in multichannel marketing, guaran-teeing a decisive competitive advantage.