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asim products: asimBase


Simplify your communications processes.

asimBase is the central system component of asimSuite. With this product you lay the ground - work for successful Multi-Channel Marketing.

Modules of asimBase

With asimBase, you manage your (multilingual) product data in a media-neutral manner. asimBase is the central
basis for all publishing processes. You maintain your product data in exactly one place and use it for all publications
(single-source publishing), such as in print, online catalogues, technical documentation, etc.

Assigning product features automatically
Intelligent functions such as the inheritance of product features significantly reduce product maintenance effort.

Facts about product data management

  • Administration of source data and any other amount of product information
  • Multiple languages and media
  • Separation of content, structure and layout
  • Flexible product hierarchies
  • Inheritance of product features using hierarchies grouping and languages
  • Freely definable relationships between all objects

asimBase’s integrated media management functionality can manage every file type with multiple versions in different
languages; including even metadata. Product data always stays up-to-date with the latest version available from
the central repository.

Seamlessly integrate images, graphics and documents
This keeps your Corporate Brand intact, helping you to avoid growth related design and publishing errors.

Facts about media management

  • The administration of images and media files, and, as needed, language-dependent versions
  • Entry and management of metadata and arbitrary additional properties
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Batch import and exportt
  • History versioning

asimBase uses a set of import/export interfaces to harmonize different
information and combines data sources into a coherent whole. This means
that all publication-relevant data need no longer be redundantly maintained,
but are rather available in an up-to-date version for publication.

Seamless data transfer
The import functions also simplify and accelerate the initial population
of the system.

Facts about the import/export interfaces

  • A variety of import/export interfaces
  • Initial migration and enrichment of product data
  • Regular data exchange with other IT systems
  • Import and export profiles
  • Integrated TaskPlanner

It is usually the case that many users work with a PIM system with different tasks and qualifications, often even
at different locations. A fine-grained user ad - ministration system is essential for parallel, harmonious work on
a system. The user administration integrated into asimBase assigns users certain profiles or roles, assigning
privileges correspondingly.

This is the basis for data management and release workflows. For the different user groups, you can define
task-specific function and access permissions that support goaloriented data management and ensure secure
and multilingual data storage. User-specific bookmarks, buffers and inboxes in the workflow module help
round out this functionality.

In addition to complete Unicode support, asimBase also provides comprehensive and optional highly automated translation processes.

Product communication on the international level
This is essential for making consistent, up-to-date data in many languages possible while simultaneously minimizing translation costs. In combination with a well-designed
granular data storage schema, this also allows effective international multi-channel communication.

Facts about translation management

  • Automatic determination of new and changed
    language values
  • Data exchange with arbitrary translation memory systems, e.g. Trados, Transit, Across
  • Close coupling with Across for automated
    translation processes
  • Author support
  • Terminology support

Within product communication, data must be imported or exported, retranslated and published. All these processes should be automated as far as possible to avoid downtime. The workflow management module provides an integrated workflow system you can use for granular control and management of your processes with the participation of all involved employees. In process administration, you define and manage the individual work processes types and instances. The work processes include individual work steps that are then delegated to the responsible employees.

Smooth processes
The employees are notified about tasks in the Inbox in the native client or Web client. Maintenance and approval processes can thus be modelled clearly and executed in a cost-efficient manner. Thanks to the capability of creating
PDF files automatically, you can model reliable, efficient
workflows that permit an approval process outside asimBase using linked PDFs. You can also use PDF forms
as well as reading corrections or status specifications from a PDF and using it in asimBase for product descriptions.

Catalogue standards such as BMEcat and classification models such as ETIM eCl@ss are already integrated into asimBase and simplify data exchange with other systems.

Converting SAP master data into technical product information

The SAP-certified interface provides even more capabilities. It permits the transmission of technical properties and the modelling of a catalogue structure.

Facts about eCat

  • Standardized product data exchange with other systems and platforms (BMEcat standard format)
  • Importing and maintaining product classifications using eCl@ss, ETIM, proficl@ss, UNSPSC, cdxi or your
    own classifications
  • Output of customer-specific electronic catalogues
  • Additional formats: DATANORM, ELDANORM, EPLAN, GAEB
  • Certified SAP interface for bidirectional data exchange

AssetsWeb allows you to show the assets you store in asimBase – whether photographs, drawings, presentations or films –on the Internet. Based on the latest technology, the user has innovative search functions to find and download the right asset. Even though it's a standard product, it still offers a wide variety of configuration options and its upload function can be used
to upload assets from the application back to asimBase.

The consistent separation of content, structure, and layout pays off when preparing printed product brochures and catalogues
or transmitting product data to Web shops. It permits the reuse of data and templates with no additional effort. Exchange can
be used, firstly, to evaluate data from existing Internet sites or marketplaces and DTP programs using interfaces, or additionally,
to prepare data from asimBase for printing and export to XML.

Custom catalogues from a single source

Products are automatically arranged in publicationspecific structures and product groups or selected based on hierarchical
structures for a publication, and corresponding to the specified goal, they are then transmitted to the next system.

Depending on which market or customers or which target group you want to address, you can use the same product data to
publish different product lines, features, prices and sort orders. It is also possible to generate complete cross tables or stand-
alone groups based on attribute values, relationships or product hierarchies. But you can also forward the XML file exported
by asimBase directly to our product, asimPublish. After the templates are set up, asimPublish automatically generates
PDF files with no further manual intervention.

Advantages of asimBase

  • Central database for the management of all product information
  • Scalable database system
  • Media-neutral data storage
  • Import/export functionality
  • Permissions and roles