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Take advantage of our experience

From consulting to implementation to support:
asim is attractive for our competence and professional project approach. Based on our many years of coopera-
tion with a variety of companies, we apply a mature project methodology that is easy to manage for all involved.

We find a deep understanding of the starting situation particularly important: a thorough understanding of the
customer and the challenges they face in a PIM system. Intensive, personal consultation and discussion forms
the initial basis of every project. The more barriers are overcome during this preparatory phase, the more quickly
the subsequent processes can proceed – and the more gently your resources are taxed.

The procedure for the introduction of asimSuite roughly breaks down into five phases. The project plan is specifically adjusted on an ongoing basis in accordance with your own individual needs. Your internal competence grows step by step.

This procedure, which has proved valuable in many projects, offers you the maximum possible security when implementing your own project, due to its transparency and visible successes.

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